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How Was Sandbox Developed?

Sandbox is a virtual world made-up of NFTs (LANDS, ASSETS, GAMES). Meaning, users have the absolute ownership of their creations and LANDs in the Metaverse. 

This means that you can develop your own game or create any other type of content for Sandbox and it belongs to you! The only question you need to ask yourself is: what will I make?

Sandbox was created to meet the needs of gamers and developers. What they mean by this is that they understand that users will create games, generate real value within Sandbox and use their NFTs for:

– Gambling: NFTs can be used for playing card games and slots, as well as lottery tickets 

– Collecting: NFTs can be used for gameplay, like Pokemon cards. 

– Trading: NFTs can be sold and bought on the market (for ETH or SAND).

Sandbox is built by gamers for gamers. They were fed up of seeing truly innovative concepts diluted by big companies that only wanted to make money off of us. That’s why they decided to create a platform, where users can:

– Create: Users with programming knowledge and creativity can develop their own games and interact with existing ones 

– Play: Gamers find everything they need in one place, without having to download multiple applications 

– Connect: A social network built on the blockchain with an integrated identity system

– Trade: All users have absolute ownership of their creations, meaning that games are not centrally controlled by a company. They are constantly working on new features for gamers and developers to enjoy! 

Sandbox was created because they wanted to make it easier for everyone to create games, connect with each other and play the best possible games while having a great user experience.

Right now, Sandbox is in alpha and over the next year, you will see the release of many other features. They also have a great team that is constantly working to improve everything! If you want to get involved with Sandbox yourself, go ahead on their official website, which has a complete list of all the current features as well as what you can expect in the future.