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In a world where people are now able to monetize their creations, talented artists and developers can now invest their time and effort into making new projects. 

Game development, as we know it has radically evolved over the years, with major video games requiring countless hours of attention from a development team – which can be made up of freelance members or a company’s internal staff. In recent years, the idea of crowd funding has emerged to help indie game developers gain funding for their projects. 

Sandbox is a decentralized world-building game that utilizes blockchain technology. It is a platform that enables users to play, create and monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences.

To build anything, you will first need to acquire some Blocks (SAND) – Sandbox’s cryptocurrency tokens. You can buy SAND tokens directly from the website using Bitcoin, Ether or fiat currency. 

You will also need Voxels to actually create something – voxels are how content is represented in Sandbox. You can earn voxels by mining for them or you can trade creative work for them.

The content that you create can then be sold and traded like any other marketable good. The Sandbox blockchain keeps the transactions safe and transparent unlike other 3D content marketplaces.

Your creations can take multiple forms, such as buildings or tokens representing characters, items or anything else within the virtual world. 

Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, you just need to save it as an object. You can then sell it on Sandbox’s Asset Store or trade it with other players for Voxels.

Once you’re done making your world, you can start playing on it with other users. There are multiple worlds to explore and interact with – just download the Sandbox client and enter a different virtual reality.

With Sandbox being a decentralized platform, there’s no need for any servers or a central authority. With that in mind, anyone can participate in the platform and earn SAND tokens for their creations.

Sandbox’s decentralized nature also means that there is no middleman taking a cut of your profits, so everything goes straight to you when an item is sold.

The bottom line is that Sandbox enables people to share and monetize their voxel assets and gaming experiences. Creating something in Sandbox is easy and fun, so if you’re a budding artist with some free time to spare, why not give it a go?