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That is the question. With it’s ever growing number of players and almost limitless possibilities, Sandbox has become the go-to game for many people that wish to escape their boring lives in the real world for a much more exciting life full of fantasy, adventure, pirates, and whatever other crazy things you can come up with in your own head! One of the most well-known and beloved features in the whole game is to buy your own house. Houses that you can decorate, fix up and make into whatever kind of home paradise you wish to build!

But, the question remains; can you buy real world real estate in Sandbox?

There is no way to make an exact replica of your house in real life within the game, but there are some nifty alternatives that will definitely make your house feel like home. 

Starting off with the basics, you can buy a plot of land from an admin and spend countless months building your future house from the very beginning. This will have to be done on your own, as there is no way for an admin or anyone within Sandbox to help you design a cool looking wallpaper or hang a painting above a fireplace. It’s all up to you! But the advantage to doing it this way is that nobody else will have a house like yours, and you won’t have to worry about anyone breaking into your house and stealing all your stuff.

You can also buy a plot of land from another player! This is one of the best ways to go if you don’t want to do any work at all. You can design your dream house with no limitations or unwanted help, and still have the sense of having achieved something amazing! Of course, you will want to check up on the seller’s reputation before buying anything, but if you choose this option you’re definitely off to a great start.

And lastly (but not least) there is an alternative that is slowly but surely gaining popularity among the Sandbox community. Which is to buy a land claim item from another player, and use it on an empty plot of land that you find yourself to mark your territory.

So, can you really buy real world real estate in Sandbox? No, but investing in Sandbox can potentially become a feasible financial asset, very similar to the real world of real estate. And if that’s not something to sing about, I don’t know what is.

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